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Indian Journal of Canine Practice [NAAS Accredited (Print ISSN: 2277 – 6729;Online ISSN:2345-4174)] is a peer reviewed. bi- annual journal published on behalf of Indian Society for Advancement of Canine Practice, Lucknow, India. The journal publishes information relating to Veterinary Science (Canine Practice). It includes Canine Medicine; Canine Surgery & Radiology; Canine Reproduction & Breeding; Canine Microbiology & Immunology; Canine Nutrition, Hygiene & Management, Behaviour & Welfare; Canine Applied Subjects (Pathology, Parasitology, Pharmacology, Anatomy, V.P.H., Physiology and Biochemistry etc.) related research works.

Subscription information

The journal is displayed in the free, open access website Print copies are made for distribution among the Life members of Indian Society for Advancement of Canine Practice. Annual subscription charge for non members:




For Institutions

Rs.1500.00$100 or £ 72

For Canine Practitioners, Scientists, Academicians and Students

Three Year Subscription



$25 or £ 18

$50 or £ 35

Information for authors

Submission of an article is understood to imply that –
i. Permission of institutional/Governmental/other appropriate ethical committee /bio-safety committee/ body etc. are taken for study on animal or human being.
ii. All the financial and personal relationships with other people or organizations related with the study is properly acknowledged and disclosed.
iii. All the authors have approved the paper for release and are in agreement with its content.
The format of the published articles of the journal should be followed strictly during manuscript writing.
Details regarding preparation of manuscript are stated in the “GUIDENCE/ INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHOR” displayed in a separate PDF file in each issue of the published journal.

It is mandatory to furnish following certificate at the time of submission of manuscript for publication:

This is to certify that the reported work in the paper entitled “.. . . .” submitted for publication in INDIAN JOURNAL OF CANINE PRACTICE is an original one and has not been published / submitted to any Journal. I/ We further certify that proper citation to the previously reported work has been given and no data / tables / figures have been quoted from other publications without giving proper acknowledgement. The consent of all the concerned authority is also taken.

Signature with full name, address and email of the authors.
Any sort of plagiarism is not acceptable. If any article is found to have been plagiarized at any stage, the authors will be blacklisted.
As the journal is displayed in our free open access website, as well as the hard copy is sent to the First/Main author of the published article.


The contents of Exploratory Animal and Medical Research are protected under Indian and International copyrights. As a free, open access journal, the journal grants to all of its users a free, worldwide. Perpetual right of access to, and a license to copy, use, distribute. Perform and display the work publicly for any non-commercial purpose through any print or digital medium subject to attribution of proper authorship and ownership of the rights.


All the information and opinions published in Indian Journal of Canine Practice reflect the views of the authors only. In no case the journal or its Chief Editor, Editor, Editorial Board or its publisher organization have any sorts of responsibility regarding the subject.

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